The Unexpected Blessing of a Hot Flash

Last night I was cold so my electric blanket was on high and I had an extra fleece blanket on top of me.  I put on a winter hat on that someone had knitted me as well as an extra heating pad on my “foobs” (they get crazy cold – something I knew nothing about before my breast reconstruction and the joys of winter tempearatures). snug in bed

We were having a snow storm with temperatures expected to drop very low. I got warm and snuggly in bed, ready to watch some mindless Netflix and then WHAM – a hot flash. Truth be told, before bed, it had been a hard night of them. I lost count, but I had something like a dozen since dinner. And then I got cold. Chilled to the bone as they say.

These hot flashes are just one of the fun side effects of my chemo and the drugs I now take everyday to prevent (hopefully) the cancer from spreading. Going into immediate menopause with no gradual transition has been well, not fun. For someone who was always cold before, I thought hot flashes would be a welcome relief, even maybe a blessing to my forever cold hands and feet. How naive. There really hasn’t been much that I’d call a relief or a blessing about cancer and hot flashes definitely didn’t fit into that category…Until last night.

So as the hot flash became more intense and I felt like I couldn’t breathe and everything in my head was pounding, I threw off my comforter and then the sheets…and then my socks…and my pjs. (Sorry, if this too much information but it’s true and that’s my promise with this blog.) I went to get an ice pack (well, frozen corn) out of the freezer and held it to my forehead. Not enough relief. So I opened the bathroom window to get a blast of cold air and it worked. I could breathe again.

And then, I realized I could hear the ocean and I was instantly at peace. My head quieted down and I could just breathe in the cool air while listening to the quiet roar of the surf. Storms always make it easier to hear the ocean from my house. Suddenly I was so thankful for that moment of an extreme hot flash. I would have gone to bed without hearing one of my favorite sounds.

Thank you, Hot Flash #13+ for that blessing. Now, can you just please stay away for a few hours tonight so I can get some sleep, keep my clothes on and leave the corn in the freezer? I promise to open the window to listen for the ocean before I crawl into bed.

If you are not near the oean, listen for 30 seconds and enjoy the blessing of the surf.

Sweet dreams. Breathe.

Up next, a guest blogger will be continuing the “Stories behind the Scars” series…and a Julie Ann blog that has been in the works for a few months. Until then, enjoy a Mug Up with someone. Send your pictures and tell us what you Mug Up about!

~Mug Up Mermaid

6 thoughts on “The Unexpected Blessing of a Hot Flash

  1. I love reading your blog. It feels as though I am with you. I can see the sparkle in your eye and that grin and you turned an annoyance into a triumph. May the peace of Christ rule richly in your heart dear Julie.

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  2. Dear Julie Ann, How I LOVED that post: re ‘The Unexpected Blessing of a Hot Flash’. Speaking very personally, I’m one of the few who always welcomed those flashes Why? Because they signaled the end of the pain, the odor, and the mess. So, I’d just pretend that I was at a Spa – sitting in a nice hot tub… and ‘Voila’ it worked!

    Your Guest Bloggers have been wonderful, and I’m going to write Lin now. THANK you! Also – tell me – how are Lisa and Dave?? I can’t tell you how many prayers I’ve said that had their names on them… and I will continue….. Wishing you God’s very best blessings, Ruth


    1. I’m trying like heck to take your image of sitting in a nice hot tub, but I’m not there yet! So nice to hear from you. Thank you for the personal reflection. I love being with (even in writing) with REAL people. Like you. Sending you and Dick smiles and so much love.


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