“Behind, Beyond the Scars” by Guest Mug Upper, Sandy

Today’s guest Mug Upper is my friend, dog lover and sister breast cancer survivor, Sandy Duross. When I asked for guest bloggers to write about their stories behind their scars, I knew Sandy would volunteer to write. She is a published poet and loves to play with words and often finds the whimsy in any situation. I love this picture she sent to go with the blog – it speaks of positivity in the face of the scars from her cancer journey. I asked Sandy for a bio to introduce her to my readers… here it is in her own words:

“In retrospect, if not for years of challenge and adversity, I might not have been as prepared, albeit blind-sided, for the unexpected onslaught of breast cancer. In retrospect, I have come to see challenge as my personal trainer, a fit-for-gym-class psychological work-out in preparation for whatever is to come. And so it is, as past and future participant in this nothing-short-of-miracle event called life, I seek only to embrace the moment; to thrive not only in survivor mode but as conqueror with a purpose. As life and circumstance-taught philosopher, poet, singer, and writer, I seek only to compose a legacy of musings to help overcome the fear, pain and anguish that a cancer diagnosis can instill. My hope, my prayer, my belief is that I’ve only just begun.”

When I asked her what we would drink for a Mug Up together she replied in her lighthearted way, “If “mug” as in a real mug, definitely coffee…but white wine is up my alley too, just not in a mug”.

Sandy and I have shared coffee while I was in the hospital and recently at Dunkin’s, so now I am looking forward to a white wine Mug Up with her soon. Shhh… don’t tell her I’m not a stranger to having wine in a mug – just ask my sister about a long ago Halloween, but that is a story for another day. Today, it’s time to Mug Up with Sandy…

“Behind, beyond the wound, the scars, the missing body part, lies the same persona as before; the same woman, although albeit a bit more seasoned, wizened, and certainly more cognizant and appreciative of this given called life.  Behind the obvious lies the not-so-obvious…a story of change and acceptance, of adapting and modifying, of living in the moment because you have discovered moment becomes momentous when it is threatened or otherwise compromised.  Yes behind, beyond the scare of a lifetime, lies the challenge to overcome, lies opportunity for growth, for seeking and discovering new purpose, for allowing your scars to tell their own story and make a difference even as you seek to make sense of the non-sensible.  And yes, behind, beyond the smile of survival and gratitude that graces your face, lies a certain apprehension and uncertainty of what is to come.  Yet behind, beyond the scars that serve as reminder, the neuropathy and occasional lapses of memory that accompany treatment, lies a spirit that belies your momentary fears for the future…and oh, behind, beyond your visible as well as invisible scars, lies the heart, the soul of a conqueror…let it be so.” By Sandy Duross

~Mug Up Mermaid

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