PercolatorA new Mug Up has been percolating for almost a month. I think I started it right after my 2nd chemo treatment, but the draft has been lost. Or I didn’t save it. Or I created it in my sleep. I blame chemo brain for not knowing where it is. Yes, chemo brain is a real thing. Julie Ann doesn’t feel the need to explain the lack of a blog post in more than a month, but Julie has been thinking about the post as it percolates, seemingly too long. So, while it continues to percolate, a brief update…



Chemo #3 is tomorrow. Besides chemo brain, chemo fatigue has taken control. It is a tired feeling from the inside and makes your limbs feel heavy. Not just like you didn’t have enough sleep, but a deep, gnawing exhaustion that makes even getting up off the couch feel like exercise. I can manage about one “thing” a day. Work, church, a meal out or a visit with a friend, a ride to Dairy Queen or the beach with Tom. That’s about it and then I can barely move. I’m trying to push through it as best as I can, but some days the big accomplishment is finishing a chapter in whatever book I’m reading or doing the dishes. And that is ok. I’m percolating.

I’m percolating and the chemo has slowed down the process a bit. I know the cup of coffee will be brewed just right at the end.

~Mug Up Mermaid



3 thoughts on “Percolating…

  1. Dear Julie Ann, It was ‘Oh so good!’ to get a posting from “Mug Up Mermaid”. And to feel caught up again! I did want to ask you, though: Do you remember our conversation about ‘Chemo-Eyes’? (i.e. seeing things with fresh awareness). Do you believe in it?? Yesterday, I registered to walk as part of the Patrick Dempsey Challenge. Do you know of it? (I have to do SOMETHING!). This past week, I went to hear Monica Wood, whereupon I met DAN – who, when he placed “Julie Chase” looked like an angel. (Why am I not surprised?) Best blessings, Ruth


    1. Hi Ruth, Thank you for the note. YES – I do remember our conversation about Chemo-Eyes and you are right. I found them! Although I’ve been wondering if I also have Chemo-heart. There’s been a softening and slowing down that is mixed with patience and calmness. I do know about the Dempsey Challenge and hope to participate next year. It will be right after my last chemo so I don’t expect to have the ability to do it this year. I love that you are doing it. Do send me your fundraising link so I can support it! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you went to hear Monica and met Dan. Special people, like you. I hope to be up at Lisa’s camp for Labor Day weekend so I may get to see you at church. xo Julie Ann


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