The Blessing of TIME

I’m traveling to Florida today. The last time I was in Florida was just before my mammogram. Yes, that mammogram. I was there for work and managed to get my toes in the water most days after the meetings ended. I had an extra day at the end of the trip and the weather was spectacular. My rental car happened to be a convertible so I went exploring with the top down, music turned up with my Red Sox hat on securely. I felt free.

Three days later my 3D diagnostic mammogram led to an immediate ultrasound. Next came biopsies, additional mammograms and ultrasounds, a breast MRI and the diagnosis. Breast cancer. For the better part of the 8 months since that mammogram I have felt anything but free.

Doctor appointments. Blood work. Bilateral mastectomy. Breast reconstruction. Complications. Chemo. Hormone therapies. Lymphedema. Physical and occupational therapy. More surgeries. Counseling. I don’t think a week went by without some type of doctor appointment or treatment. That carefree afternoon in the convertible was mostly forgotten.

Until this morning.

I’m at Logan Airport on my way to Miami. My first vacation since my diagnosis. A week without doctor appointments and treatments! I woke up thinking about that sunny day back in March and whispered a thank you to God for that spectacular day of joy and freedom before my world was turned upside down. Here’s hoping to capture some of that freedom in the next 7 days!

It’s my annual Miami trip with my Dad. We go most years to see the Pats when they play the Dolphins. Everything fun seems even better now with my “new eyes” so I can’t wait to get there, soak up some sun (yes, with sunscreen), swim in the ocean, walk along the beach, and maybe even play some golf. But more importantly, I’m just so aware of the blessing of time. Time to heal. Time to be with family. Time to have fun. Time to thank God for all the love in my life.

After I get home next week, hopefully I’ll get the ok to return to work by the New Year… my friend Jill sent me this picture early this morning. Coincidence?


I’ve been promising a guest blog and as soon as my cousin (ahem – Ben!) finishes it, I’ll post it and then there are 2 more in the wings.

~Mug Up Mermaid

2 thoughts on “The Blessing of TIME

  1. All I can say is thank you for putting words to my very similar feelings and situation! I escaped 4 weeks after my bi-lateral surgery on a road trip to CT, RI beaches, family and friends… the best medicine ever! Came back to Mississippi ready to tackle the next series of chemo, renewed with love and faith…
    Have a wonderful visit and soak it all in!

    Love, hugs, smiles and prayers


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