Other Kinds of Supports Besides Bras

Support tea

After meeting with a genetic specialist and having another biopsy today (now on the other side…) and after a hard day yesterday spent with the breast surgeon and oncologist, I sat down tonight to a lovely cup of “Tulsi Spiced Berry Immune Support Tea” in a china cup my family members will recognize. On the box the tea came in, it says “SUPPORT” right on the label. One of my sisters gave me this tea to help build up my immune system ahead of surgery. I love the tea bag wisdom for this cup: “Grace is kindness, compassion and caring”. Despite my fears, anger, sadness and anxiety, I am aware of the grace that surrounds me.

I am overwhelmed with the kindness, compassion and caring of the people in my life who want to do something. The support I have from my loved ones, friends, church and work colleagues (far and wide) astounds me. I do not know yet what the surgery and follow up treatments will entail or if I will ever need a bra to support “the girls” again (not necessarily a bad thing in my book – a story for another day) but the SUPPORT I currently need is being provided in abundance and it is surprising me hour by hour.

Support has come in the form of quiet touches at just the right moment, kisses and hugs…including from my dogs.

Support comes with each text, voicemail, poem, email, picture, Facebook/Instagram message that comes through at all hours of the day and night and it even comes with silly glitter beer videos on Facebook (they exist!).

Support comes with flowers, cards, meals, and coffees delivered to my door. Support comes from the kindness of co-workers who are helping me with meetings and deadlines. Support comes from people willing to walk every step of this with me, even when it is hard and messy. It comes from the nurses and technicians that I’m already on a first name basis with. Surely it comes from all the prayers that I do not even know about.

Tissues magically appear when I need them. My house and car is cleaned. I’m driven to doctor appointments and I never have to sit alone in a waiting room or in an exam room. No phone call ends without “I love you”.  Even my dogs seem to snuggle me more.

All this support is holding me and “the girls” up… and we thank you.

…Who needs a bra?






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